For too long, America has suffered the negative consequences of having the highest divorce rate in the industrial world. The price paid for hundreds of thousands of unnecessary divorces each year has proved to be devastating not only for divorced women and men, but particularly for our nation’s children.

Indeed, in the last 40 years, approximately 40 million children have become the casualties of broken homes. The cost to our economy and the fabric of our culture has also been tremendous. Since no-fault divorce laws were enacted, there has been no serious attempt to reform our divorce laws.

The Coalition for Divorce Reform has been formed to change that. The Coalition is a non-partisan coalition of divorce reform leaders, marriage educators, domestic violence experts, scholars, and concerned citizens dedicated to supporting efforts to reduce unnecessary divorce and promote healthy marriages.The www. Divorcereform.uswebsite is designed to increase awareness of the negative impact of divorce, and encourage discussion and debate about the effect of divorce on our culture, as well as the cost to taxpayers. We are committed to supporting the Parental Divorce Reduction Act and exploring ways to improve the proposed legislation.Finally, it is part of our mission to ensure continued protection for domestic violence victims making sure they are not negatively impacted by divorce reform efforts or forced to stay in unsafe relationships.


Co-Chairman Coalition for Divorce Reform, Chris Gersten is the former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families, Department of Health and Human Services, 2001-2005.


Co-Chairman Coalition for Divorce Reform, Beverly Willett is a lawyer and author who writes for many national publications.