How To Fix No-Fault Divorce

By Mike McManus In the old days, if a spouse wanted a divorce, there had to be proof that a partner was guilty of a major fault – adultery, abandonment, or physical abuse. Marriage was considered a sacred contract agreed to by the man and woman before God and witnesses. Then in 1969 California Gov. […]

My Passion to Serve Children and Save Families

Written by Greg Griffin In the summer of 2012, I was combing the web looking for work, and I stumbled across the Coalition for Divorce Reform’s (CDR’s) website. I read through the site and the Parental Divorce Reform Act (PDRA), the CDR’s model divorce reform legislation, with interest because my family had gone through a […]

What Kids Want Most

 Written by Beverly Willett I’m willing to bet the house that no child who sat on Santa’s knee this past Christmas wished for mommy and daddy to split up and live in separate houses.  And I don’t need a scientific survey to back that up. It’s not complicated, folks.  Unless family life is literally a […]

Why Divorce Reform Is Key To America’s Prosperity

The devastation caused by divorce in America each year is real and pervasive.  And the toll it takes on men, women and especially children has far ranging negative consequences in every realm — financial, physical and emotional.  “Families are torn in two, children grow up without a stable home or with a missing mother or […]

The Supreme Court’s Decision To Punt On Marriage

By Beverly Willett Each year, the Supreme Court of the United States officially begins a new term on the first Monday in October. For lawyers, this start of a new season is filled with excitement and anticipation as the Court hears oral arguments, delivers opinions and decides whether to grant certiorari on some of the […]


Written by Chris Gersten and Beverly Willett For more than 40 years, Americans have by and large ignored the devastating consequences of no-fault divorce on our nation’s families. All that is about to change. In 2011 we launched the Coalition for Divorce Reform (CDR), a non-partisan coalition of divorce reform leaders, marriage educators, domestic violence […]

A Proposal To Restore Marriage In Louisiana

By Mike McManus The following is an abbreviated version of my testimony of February 5, 2013 to the Louisiana Marriage Commission. No Fault Divorce Reform I suggest that Louisiana consider two different No Fault Divorce Reform strategies. The first is based on the fact that lengthening the time before a couple can get divorced will […]

The Mouths of Babes

Written by Beverly Willett We have a tradition at the Episcopalian parish I attend.  Every Sunday after mass, parishioners and visitors gather in the parish hall to greet one another and snack on refreshments provided by the Hospitality Guild.  A few minutes into the get-together Father Cullen, our priest, rings a bell on the wall […]

Helping Couples in the Divorce Decision-Making “Wilderness”

Written by Dr. Alan J. Hawkins Several years ago, I accepted a student into our doctoral family studies program. Tamara Fackrell was a practicing divorce attorney and mediator. She was skilled in her practice at helping her clients deal more effectively with ending their marriages and move on with life.  She did this responsibly, not […]

Defending Divorce: Really?

Written by Michele Weiner-Davis   As a liberal, card-carrying Democrat, it might surprise some that I am appalled by Pamela White’s article “Defending Divorce”, in the Boulder, Colorado, newspaper, The Boulder Weekly. When nearly one out of every two marriages ends in divorce, divorce hardly needs a defense. But that’s not the reason for my […]