The Beauty of the Pause

Written by Beverly Willett   So many people I know seem caught up in a non-stop roll — constantly e-mailing, tweeting, Facebook status posting, Blackberrying, texting.  Me included, at times. Whatever comes into our heads seems to move straight through our fingers and out into cyberspace. It seems we simply don’t have time to think anymore; in other cases, however, we don’t […]

Why the Parental Divorce Reduction Act

Written by Chris Gersten   I am often asked why the Coalition for Divorce Reform is supporting the Parental Divorce Reduction Act (“PDRA”) and not other forms of divorce reform.  Some  want to try to change our no-fault divorce laws;  others want to alter the terms of custody  arrangements..   Some want to pursue what they […]

Eleven Year Marriage Ended in 11 Days

Written by Mike McManus   I received a moving note from Jennifer Rivera who got a divorce she did not want: “After being together for 11½ years, the Family Court system of Miami-Dade County was able to legally end it in 11 days.” “If we had more time to wait it out, such as legalized […]

The Impossible Dream: My Fight To Save My Marriage

Written by Beverly Willett For years, I fought in court to stop my marriage from ending.  Now that all 50 states have finally adopted no-fault divorce, however, men and women across America no longer have that legal option. My husband and I came from humble beginnings. We met in Manhattan in 1981 in the legal […]