Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse

Dr. Janice Crouse is an author, columnist and commentator on domestic issues, the United Nations, family, cultural and women’s concerns. The National Press Club describes Dr. Crouse as having “brought refreshing honesty and intriguing perspective to cultural and political issues.” They add that she has “exposed spin to reveal truth in a way that has earned respect and made her a popular cultural analyst; she is a conservative leader who appeals across ideological and religious barriers.”

Dr. Crouse has twice been an official delegate to the United Nations. During the first Bush Administration, she was a Presidential Speech Writer. She is author of Children at Risk (Transaction Publishers – the publisher of record for social science research) and the forthcoming Marriage Matters, also published by Transaction. Previously, she authored “Gaining Ground: A Profile of American Women in the Twentieth Century” and the book that she co-authored, “A Different Kind of Strength,” was a Conservative Book of the Month selection in 2000. She is frequently interviewed on the major television networks. Her opinion editorials and columns appear in major newspapers across the nation as well as in journals, websites and magazines. She is a member of the board of trustees for the Howard Center and the Institute on Religion and Democracy. She is the recipient of the Leadership Institute’s Global Leadership Award and the State Department’s Abolitionist Award.

Website URL: http://www.beverlylahayeinstitute.org/bli/