Standing For Something

By Kenda-Ruth Stumpf In 2005, my husband left me for another woman and filed for divorce.  Everyone kept telling me I was so lucky that at least we didn’t have kids. Though I agreed that divorce wouldn’t be good for children, being childless did not make me feel lucky.  For me the possibility of divorce […]

Stop The Divorce Roller Coaster — I Want To Get Off! (A Child’s Plea)

Written by Lesli Doares I remember my 15th birthday like it was yesterday. You see, birthdays in my family had always been special occasions. The birthday child got to choose a special dinner menu and my mom would make the requested flavor of cake. But things didn’t quite go as usual on that September day […]

Transforming Anger

Written by Naomi Grunditz How many marriages fall apart because the fighting just won’t stop? What’s worse, those who split up without learning how to deal with anger–their own and others’–will only face the same problems with any new partner down the road. And what will that accomplish, but another broken family? [1] Psychologist and therapist Dr. […]

Balancing Marriage On The Fine Line

Written by Eve Gaal In my college days of yore, we’re talking the seventies and eighties, couples wrote letters to each other instead of tweeting. We chatted at social events and hugs were actual embraces instead of words followed by happy faces. Waxing nostalgic, I remember the romantic cards, poems and notes that I saved […]

Minimizing Your Life, Maximizing Your Marriage

When it comes down to it, we need just as much relationship counseling for our relationship with our work lives as we do with our spouses. And the latter may be the truly dysfunctional one. Written By Naomi Grunditz America has the highest divorce rate in the world. We also have one of the most […]

Is Divorce Really That Big a Deal?

Written by Aviva Lauren Rizel   I recall speaking with my best friend, Jennifer, when we were both still in high school. We were daydreaming about the future, about settling down and raising a family. I said, “It must be so scary to get married—how can you know if this person will still be good […]