My Personal Path to Peace as a Christian Divorce Attorney

By Sean Smallwood, Esq.

As a Christian law student my aspirations of practicing law were rooted in the desire to help other people. To me nothing felt nobler than becoming a successful attorney who devoted his practice to defending those in need of help.
As my law school career matured and I drew closer to the day that I would be a licensed attorney I felt myself pulled more and more toward the practice of family law.
I had assisted other attorneys in both criminal defense and family law, however, criminal defense did not suit my inner desire to enrich people’s lives. I felt I was simply helping people stay out of trouble and preventing them from learning lessons from the mistakes they made. Maybe I was in some way making their lives worse by holding them back from any meaningful change they would learn if only I had not helped them avoid punishment for their bad decisions.
However, family law was a practice area where I had the freedom to pick and choose my clients and ensure that I only represented the “good guy.”
The only issue was that the most significant portion of family law cases consisted of divorce. This was a moral struggle for me in the beginning. Is this where God wanted me to be?

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  1. My family and I have recently been devastated, both emotionally and financially by a surprise “no-fault” divorce she imposed on me last January. I have long known that she is a troubled woman (i.e. multiple suicide attempts, alcoholism, mental health issues, etc.) but was determined to keep our family together. It was only after I was served that I learned that I had no practical way to defend myself under the no-fault system. I have not only supporting my family, and thus had all the assets, but also doing most of the duties of a stay at home parent as well.

    While it is too late for me, I want to tell my story and effect changes in the law. We live in Colorado. How do we I get involved? Is there any association or organization currently involved in advocacy to change the divorce law? Who can I talk to?

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