Hooray For Hollywood

By Jennifer Graham Opponents of divorce had a surprising new ally this summer:  Hollywood. Normally the champion of the follow-your-bliss world view, filmmakers suddenly rushed to the side of intact families, not unlike a caped superhero venturing forth to save the world. First on the scene:  uber family man Brad Pitt, whose character in World War Z quit a […]

Does Getting Divorced Mean We Lied On Our Wedding Day?

By David Schel As baseball season nears the home stretch, football is gearing up.  Sports, like entertainment in general, provides needed distractions from life’s difficulties.  It also mirrors what goes on in our relationships and, in particular, marriage. I say this as I’m going through my annual ritual of mustering up the energy to face another […]

Finding Meaning in Your Life and Marriage

By Lori D. Lowe What’s more important to you—total personal freedom and the pursuit of happiness, or finding a purpose and meaning for your life? Researchers have a lot to say about how choosing one or the other may impact how satisfied you will be in your life. And rather than working together, these ideals […]