Couple Divorces Over Mayonnaise Feud: Fact or Fiction?

Written by Beverly Willett   Kraft, the purveyor of the cousin of mayonnaise, just announced a contest entitled “Not For Every Relationship.”  Entrants must submit 60-second videos answering the question “How Has Miracle Whip Affected Your Relationship?”  The $25,000 grand prize winner can use the proceeds for a marriage – or a divorce. While Kraft’s […]

Marriage Saving in Court: Ohio’s Conciliation of Marital Controversies

Written by Kevin Sinech   Ohio is a very marriage friendly state. We even have a statute to prove it. Its official title is “Ohio Revised Code (ORC), Title 31. Domestic Relations – Children, Chapter 3117. Conciliation of Marital Controversies.” An entire chapter of the domestic relations code dedicated to saving marriages? A law where […]

Can Some Divorce Really Be Prevented?

Written by Alan Hawkins, Ph.D.   Occasionally when I’m talking about the need to reform our divorce laws, some question comes up about whether such a thing as an “unnecessary” or “preventable divorce” actually exists. More than one divorce lawyer has questioned me on this. But the answer is yes.  And while I know that […]

Standing Up for Marriage and Family

Written by Beverly Willett   Last August, David Patterson, the former Governor of New York, made the biggest mistake of his political career: He signed a bill making New York the 50th and final state to enact no-fault divorce.  No matter that New York then had one of the lowest divorce rates in the nation.  No matter that for […]