A Proposal To Restore Marriage In Louisiana

By Mike McManus The following is an abbreviated version of my testimony of February 5, 2013 to the Louisiana Marriage Commission. No Fault Divorce Reform I suggest that Louisiana consider two different No Fault Divorce Reform strategies. The first is based on the fact that lengthening the time before a couple can get divorced will […]

Couple Divorces Over Mayonnaise Feud: Fact or Fiction?

Written by Beverly Willett   Kraft, the purveyor of the cousin of mayonnaise, just announced a contest entitled “Not For Every Relationship.”  Entrants must submit 60-second videos answering the question “How Has Miracle Whip Affected Your Relationship?”  The $25,000 grand prize winner can use the proceeds for a marriage – or a divorce. While Kraft’s […]

Marriage Saving in Court: Ohio’s Conciliation of Marital Controversies

Written by Kevin Sinech   Ohio is a very marriage friendly state. We even have a statute to prove it. Its official title is “Ohio Revised Code (ORC), Title 31. Domestic Relations – Children, Chapter 3117. Conciliation of Marital Controversies.” An entire chapter of the domestic relations code dedicated to saving marriages? A law where […]

Can Some Divorce Really Be Prevented?

Written by Alan Hawkins, Ph.D.   Occasionally when I’m talking about the need to reform our divorce laws, some question comes up about whether such a thing as an “unnecessary” or “preventable divorce” actually exists. More than one divorce lawyer has questioned me on this. But the answer is yes.  And while I know that […]

Standing Up for Marriage and Family

Written by Beverly Willett   Last August, David Patterson, the former Governor of New York, made the biggest mistake of his political career: He signed a bill making New York the 50th and final state to enact no-fault divorce.  No matter that New York then had one of the lowest divorce rates in the nation.  No matter that for […]