Preventing Divorce Through Compassion, Humility and Positivity

 By Krsnanandini Devi Dasi & Tariq Saleem Ziyad The following is based on the true story of a couple headed toward divorce.  After the narrative, we give two scenarios that were possible, given the challenges the couple experienced.  We ask you, the reader, to choose the scenario that would give the best hope for the […]

What Kids Want Most

 Written by Beverly Willett I’m willing to bet the house that no child who sat on Santa’s knee this past Christmas wished for mommy and daddy to split up and live in separate houses.  And I don’t need a scientific survey to back that up. It’s not complicated, folks.  Unless family life is literally a […]

Why Divorce Reform Is Key To America’s Prosperity

The devastation caused by divorce in America each year is real and pervasive.  And the toll it takes on men, women and especially children has far ranging negative consequences in every realm — financial, physical and emotional.  “Families are torn in two, children grow up without a stable home or with a missing mother or […]

A Voice For The Children

By Lesli Doares Several years ago, a colleague of my husband’s loaned him the first season of In Treatment.  As a therapist, I appreciated the show but it felt a lot like a busman’s holiday for me.  After watching a few episodes, he turned to me and asked, “Is this what you do all day?”  […]

Hooray For Hollywood

By Jennifer Graham Opponents of divorce had a surprising new ally this summer:  Hollywood. Normally the champion of the follow-your-bliss world view, filmmakers suddenly rushed to the side of intact families, not unlike a caped superhero venturing forth to save the world. First on the scene:  uber family man Brad Pitt, whose character in World War Z quit a […]

The New “F” Word

By Greg Griffin New York Yankee catcher Yogi Berra once famously said, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” Anyone who has been through a divorce knows that’s not true when it comes to divorce. It’s never over even after it’s over, no matter how much we might want it to be over, especially if you have […]

The Best 2 Hours Of My Divorce

 Written by David Schel Like most people, I reached age 49 never experiencing a lotto win, surgery, or fighting in a war.  I have, however, experienced the painful fallout of divorce throughout my entire life. When my wife and I got married, we had no family in our lives because of the devastation that occurred […]

The Photo Finish That Accompanies Divorce

Written by Jennifer Graham The family dog licks Tiger Woods’ face, as Elin Nordegren cuddles the couple’s daughter and newborn son. It’s their last family photograph – at least the last one the public saw. It was taken nine months before Woods famously crashed his car in 2009, shattering not only his windshield, but this […]

Stop The Divorce Roller Coaster — I Want To Get Off! (A Child’s Plea)

Written by Lesli Doares I remember my 15th birthday like it was yesterday. You see, birthdays in my family had always been special occasions. The birthday child got to choose a special dinner menu and my mom would make the requested flavor of cake. But things didn’t quite go as usual on that September day […]

Divorce Reform IS Possible In 2013

Written by Beverly Willett The election may be over, but America remains as divided as ever.[1]  And our leaders and our citizens have their eyes focused in the wrong direction because the number one problem facing America today is simply not the deficit or unemployment or health care. It’s family instability. Moreover, the welfare of […]