On the 50th Anniversary of No-Fault Divorce

By Beverly Willett

Until sued for divorce, many spouses have no idea they can be divorced without cause and against their will.

I’m a lawyer and I, too, was in the dark right up until my husband left. So why is this violation of the U.S. Constitution that has shattered innocent lives not on the agenda of any candidate running for high office?

Fifty years ago this summer in 1969, California Governor Ronald Reagan signed the first no-fault divorce statute into law. Since then, all states have enacted similar legislation. Despite early applause from lawmakers that these laws would serve couples, they have negatively altered the landscape of marriage and family in the United States and violated the U.S. Constitution. [Read the rest of the article here.

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  1. Michael Bent says

    Hi Beverly,
    We traded emails 5 yrs ago. On your advice I was able to attend the Divorce Corp premier in Seattle and I’ve learned much in the ensuing 5 years. There is undoubtedly more to learn but I’ve seen enough to construct a working theory that answers your question. If I may paraphrase, your question reduces to: “Why and how did We the People, in Order to establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves, establish a government that promotes policies offensive to the People and harmful to the bedrock of society-families?” Did the founders lack judgement or were they simply evil? I think not. Unfortunately, as a lawyer, I worry you may be too close to the culprit to see the obvious. “No Fault” is but a clever marketing name for the Unified Marriage and Divorce Act crafted by and promoted by the Bar: https://www.uniformlaws.org/viewdocument/final-act-with-comments-54?CommunityKey=c5a9ecec-095f-4e07-a106-2e6df459d0af&tab=librarydocuments Don’t blame government or any other. Instead, better to get the Bar out of our bedrooms!!

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